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2.75% interest with easy access

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2.75% interest with easy access. Yes really.

We’re able to achieve this by going around the banks. We grow your money the same way they do, but with us there isn’t the same overhead. That means we can pass more money directly to you.

Yomo’s 2.75% interest is a variable rate consisting of 2% made from putting your money to work, plus the Bank of England Base Rate — currently 0.75%.

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How Yomo works

What 2.75% interest means for your money:

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If you saved £1K
If you saved £10K
If you saved £50K
It's 2018

It’s time we brought saving into the 21st century

How Yomo works

Interest paid daily

Feel your money grow and watch how it compounds by getting your interest paid daily.

How Yomo works

Easy access

Withdraw anytime with no charges and no fees.

How Yomo works

No tricks

No maximums. No introductory rate. No phoney offers. Start with just £1. Always transparent.

How Yomo works

Built for the online generation

Easy to start, quick to setup. Built using cutting edge technologies, not outdated banking systems.

Your security is our priority

We are working to ensure savings are covered by a European financial compensation scheme. Details will be shared prior to launch. Sign up for early access and get updates on security details once they are finalised.”

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Bank-level Security

We use 256-bit encryption, the same level as leading Banks to keep your personal and transactional data safe.

Closed-loop System

Money deposited to Yomo can only be withdrawn to the same bank account it came from.

We want to help everyone make the most of their money

Our team has been living and breathing the savings space for the past 3 years — on a journey to offer a product which truly is the best way for our generation to grow their wealth.

Why we believe Yomo needs to exist:

Today we are faced with extremely low, undesirable interest rates. The only way to get better rates is to accept limits and controls that dictate how we grow our money. And, to top it off, we’re confronted with confusing language and concepts that make wealth creation difficult to understand.

We’ve always believed there can be a better way. With Yomo we’re offering everyone in the UK a way to make the most of their money and achieve a better financial future.

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2.75% interest, paid daily with Yomo

Easy access, no lock-ins, no limits, no tricks
Easy access
No lock-ins
No limits
No tricks